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Government an for sum elite escort girl

Pensioners will get a 25 per cent tax-free slice of multiple cash lump sums taken from their pension pot, elite escort girl in the latest sweeping change to retirement funding.Savers will no longer get just one chance to take a single tax-free lump sum worth 25 per cent of their pension pots. Instead they will be able to dip into their pension when they like and get the first 25 per cent of all withdrawals tax-free with the remainder taxed as income.The move is the latest part of the dramatic pensions freedom changes to the retirement landscape being made by the Government. Savers will also no longer need to take out an annuity to provide retirement income when they die and the 55 per cent death tax on pension pots still invested has been axed.The changes affect those with defined contribution pensions, who must turn their retirement pot into an income, unlike those with final salary or defined contribution pensions who get a set income provided for them.In our quick guide, we highlight the three big changes and what they mean to you?
Fast-paced: Changes to pensions led by Chancellor George Osborne mean savers can access as much cash as they like – leading Pensions Minister Steve Webb to say he didnt mind if they blew it on a LamborghiniThe big change – no more annuitiesPensions freedom hinges around savers no longer needing to use their defined contribution pension pots to buy an annuity, a product which typically provides them with an income for the rest of their life.Instead they will be able to keep their pension invested and draw on it as needed, a process known as drawdown. Alternatively, they can cash in their entire pension – or take a series of lump sums out of it – and will be charged income tax on the amount at a level set by adding it to their standard income.It was previously possible to keep your pension invested and use drawdown. Crucially, however, restrictive rules limited how much could be taken out each year for those who did not already have a substantial secure income from other sources.This change comes into force next April and was announced by George Osborne in his spring 2014 Budget. It has changed the pensions landscape, sent annuity sales diving, and secured the aim of shaking up the annuity market, which was considered to operate badly and offer poor value.After Chancellor George Osborne revealed his plan to allow retirees to access their retirement pots as they wish, Pensions Minister Steve Webb was asked whether he was concerned people would blow the lot.Referring to how the Coalition was delivering the new flat rate state pension, he said: So actually, if people do get a Lamborghini, and end up on the state pension, the state is much less concerned about that, and that is their choice.’The Governments argument is that people can be trusted with their pension pots and that the changes will encourage saving. 
Dont be an April fool when pensions change: Our guide to next years sweeping reforms
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 Multiple tax-free lump sumsPensioners will be able to tap into their pot and make multiple lump sum withdrawals and get the first 25 per cent of each tax-free.This could be on big lump sums withdrawn, or on smaller regular sums taken out for retirement income. Under the old rules you could have up to 25 per cent of your pension pot tax free but only by taking a single lump sum – delivering a use it, or lose it scenario.
The choice on how much to take left many people with a dilemma. On one hand, the idea of a nice slab of tax-free money was highly appealing, on the other hand removing that amount from your pot left less retirement income, as there was less to spend on securing it.Taking multiple lump sums and getting the first 25 per cent of each tax-free, removes the need for a one-off decision. It also encourages people to keep their pension pot invested and growing rather than withdrawing money they may not need at that time.Allowing a pension pot to grow and granting 25 per cent tax-free on all sums taken out, while taxing the rest as income, would also theoretically deliver more tax to the Government as it would be levied on a rising amount.A saver with an £80,000 pension pot would previously have been able to take £20,000 as a tax-free lump sum and would typically use the rest to buy an annuity.Now they could take £5,000 every two years, for example, and get £1,250 of each chunk tax free. If they took £5,000 on retirement, the rest of their money could remain invested and hopefully growing in value until they opted to withdraw it. 
Unlocking pensions: Sweeping changes are handing savers far more freedom with their pension potsEnd of the 55% death taxPensions can now be passed on tax-free in some instances, or in others tax will only be paid at income tax levels by the beneficiary on money if they withdraw it.Under the old rules pensions which were still invested could be passed on, but a 55% death tax applied.Now retirement pots inherited from a pension holder who dies before age 75 will not be taxed.A pension passed on after age 75 will not be taxed as long as the money remains invested.The money will be taxed at income tax rates if the pension holder who dies is aged over 75 and the beneficiaries withdraw it.This income tax rate will be decided by adding bequeathed money withdrawn to the person who inherits its normal income.For example, someone who earns £30,000 a year, gets given £40,000 and withdraws it as income would not pay basic rate tax on it all, but 40% tax on the total sum above the higher rate tax threshold.
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monotasking more bayan escort tasks

If you are sending a text, watching the TV or listening to the radio, you may want to stop and bayan escort give this your full attention.Multi-tasking shrinks the brain, research suggests, and it could even be damaging your career. A study found escort that men and women who frequently used several types of technology at the same time had less grey matter in escort bayan a key part of the brain.Scroll down for video  
Multi-tasking vip eskort shrinks the brain, research suggests, and it could even be damaging your career.A study found that men and women who frequently used several types of technology at the same time had less grey matter in a key part of the brainUniversity of Sussex researchers said: Simultaneously using mobile phones, laptops and other media devices could be changing the structure of our brains.Worryingly, the part of the brain that shrinks is involved in processing emotion.
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Eating five portions of fruit and veg a day is also good for the BRAIN and helps prevent depression
Prim and proper grandmother cant stop SWEARING after a stroke altered her personality
The finding follows research which has linked multi-tasking with a shortened attention span, depression, anxiety and lower grades at school.The researchers began by asking 75 healthy men and women how often they divided their attention between different types of technology.
Experts said multitasking with multiple media devices wears away the grey matter, which is the part of the brain that processes informationThis could mean sending a text message while listening to music and checking email, or speaking on the phone while watching TV and surfing the web.zThe volunteers were then given brain scans which showed they had less grey matter in a region called the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC).The findings held even when differences in personality were taken into account.The study, published in the journal PLOS ONE, is the first to make a link between multi-tasking and the structure of the brain.
Researcher Kep Kee Loh said: Media multi-tasking is becoming more prevalent in our lives today and there is increasing concern about its impacts on our cognition and social-emotional well-being.He added that more research is needed to prove that multi-tasking shrinks the brain.This is because it is also possible that people with less grey matter in the ACC are more drawn to using lots of gadgets simultaneously.Scientists have previously demonstrated brain structure can be altered on prolonged exposure to novel environments and experience.Other studies have shown that training – such as learning to juggle or taxi drivers learning the map of London – can increase grey-matter densities in certain parts.Experts have also warned of the harmful impact technology can have on our memory and attention span.The University of California team commissioned a survey of more than 18,000 people aged between 18 and 99 and found 20 per cent had problems with memory.Researchers were taken aback by the 14 per cent of 18 to 39-year-olds who also worried about their memories.Multi-tasking with gadgets may shorten attention span, making it harder to focus and form memories, the researchers said, adding that youngsters may be particularly affected by stress. 
Forget multitasking, try monotasking: TED expert speaks out…
SORRY CHAPS, YOUR BRAINS ARENT MADE FOR MULTITASKING Women have known it for generations – and the proof has finally arrived.A separate study has found that the female brain is ‘hard-wired’ to be better at multi-tasking.Men’s brains, in comparison, are better at concentrating on single complex tasks – whether it be reading a map or cooking a meal.Scientists scanned the brains of 949 young men and women in the biggest investigation of its kind to date. Using hi-tech diffusion MRI imaging, they mapped the connections between the different parts of the brains.The researchers at the University of Pennsylvania discovered that women have far better connections between the left and right sides of the brain, while men display more intense activity within the brain’s individual parts, especially in the cerebellum, which controls motor skills.Men also have better connections between the front and back of the brain, giving them a better ability to quickly perceive information and use it immediately to carry out complex tasks.This means they are better at things such as learning to swim or, as the old bone of contention has it, parking a car.Women are better at, for example, remembering a face, which means making connections between parts of the brain. A separate study by Stanford University backs the latest research that multi-tasking is less productive than doing one thing at a time.After putting about 100 students through three tests, the researchers realised heavy multi-taskers are paying a big mental price.People who multi-task, according to the research, are not only less efficient, but they also have difficulty in paying attention, recalling information and changing from one job to another.The Stanford researchers compared groups of people based on their tendency to multitask and their belief that it helps their performance. In each of their tests, the researchers split their subjects into two groups: those who regularly do a lot of media multi-tasking and those who dont.In one experiment, the groups were shown sets of two red rectangles alone or surrounded by two, four or six blue rectangles. Each configuration was flashed twice, and the participants had to determine whether the two red rectangles in the second frame were in a different position than in the first frame.They were told to ignore the blue rectangles, and the low multi-taskers had no problem doing that.But the high multi-taskers were constantly distracted by the irrelevant blue images. Their performance was horrible.Because the high multi-taskers showed they couldnt ignore things, the researchers thought they were better at storing and organising information. Maybe they had better memories.
People who multi-task, according to the research, are not only less efficient, but they also have difficulty in paying attention, recalling information and changing from one job to anotherThe second test proved that theory wrong. After being shown sequences of alphabetical letters, the high multi-taskers did a poor job at remembering when a letter was making a repeat appearance.The low multi-taskers did great, researcher Eyal Ophir said. The high multitaskers were doing worse and worse the further they went along because they kept seeing more letters and had difficulty keeping them sorted in their brains.As well as damaging our brains, research by business planning group, Realisation, has found that trying to do too many things at once costs the global economy $450 billion (£278 billion) annually. 

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İnsurance the child porno in money

The future of state pensions is in question because the fund used to pay them is running out of cash, child porno according to a report out today.Cash reserves in the National Insurance Fund have plunged in the past few years and escort bayan could come up short as soon as next year, forcing the Government to dip into money coming in from general porn taxation, according to the research.The Centre for Policy Studies report warns under-45 they face tax hikes and a later retirement escort age, and under-35s they can expect the state pension to be scrapped altogether.So is state pension funding really about to run dry next year, and what are the chances that the Government wont be able to pay in future? 
Running out: Will money be available to pay under-35s the state pension when they reach retirement age?How is the state pension funded?The state pension is paid for by national insurance contributions, which come from the wages of people working today.Effectively, each working generation pays for the older generation above them. However, NI is also used to pay other benefits, such as to the unemployed. 
Older workers to learn within weeks how much of the new flat-rate state pension theyll get
Pensioner incomes beat inflation for the first time in three years but more are having to work
New state pension age: As were all told to work longer, when will you be able to retire?
Since the late 1990s there has been more paid in NI contributions than has been paid out in contributory benefits, including the state pension, so the fund has been running a surplus.
The CPS report says the money in National Insurance Fund is running out because not enough is coming in – with the surplus down from £53billion in 2009 to £29.1billion last year.A NEW STATE PENSION
current basic state pension is £113.10 a week, but it is topped up
by additional state pension entitlements – S2P and Serps – accrued
during working years.This
two-tier system will start to be phased out in 2016 and be entirely replaced for those retiring after April 2021 by
a flat rate pension of between £144 and £155 a week. The official
guidance says that it will be no less than £148.40.However, people retiring between April 2016 and 2021 are currently in the dark about exactly how much they will get.
It says: The Government Actuary’s Department recently forecast that the National Insurance Fund will be exhausted by 2035-36.While fund exhaustion may be of little economic significance (it is an accounting curio rather than a real fund), it will be a symbolic event, indicating that the new state pension is unsustainable.But it adds that fund exhaustion is quite likely to happen in 2016 due to persistent negative real earnings growth, which is down 11 per cent since 2008.This means less NI is being paid by workers and employers.
If the money ran out, the Treasury would probably have to dip into money coming in from general income tax to pay state pensions. There is a mechanism – called a Treasury Grant – for this purpose.Does that mean there will never be a National Insurance Fund surplus again? No. Wages have been suppressed since the financial crisis but may rise, bringing higher NI contributions with them.
Additionally, the NI fund is invested in gilts – essentially a loan to the Government – and returns from these remain low by historical standards. A rise in gilt yields would boost the surplus.Having said that, an aging population means the trend for the bill for contributory benefits – of which the state pension is the largest component – will be upwards.
What does the Government say?The government is introducing a new state pension (see box) and is also gradually raising the age at which you can get the state pension.
A Department for Work and Pensions spokesman says: Older people have worked hard and paid into the system all their lives. That is why our reforms are securing the long-term future of the state pension – so it remains strong and keeps pace with increasing life expectancy.The DWP pointed to the guiding principle laid down by Chancellor George Osborne in last years Autumn Statement, which was that people should expect to spend up to one third of their adult life getting state pension.
Fund balance is falling: CPS report looks at how much is in the pot to pay the state pensionIt said that the average time spent in retirement is currently 26 years for a woman and 22 years for a man, and the Pension Act 2014 provides for a regular review of state pension age once every Parliament.How are rises in the state pension calculated?Rises in the state pension are presently calculated on the basis of something called the Triple Lock.This means that payouts always increase by whatever is the the highest of inflation, average earnings or 2.5 per cent.
Looking ahead: How much money will be available for future pensioners?Will the Triple Lock last?Critics have pointed out that the Triple Lock may prove an unsustainable commitment in the longer term, but all three main political parties are pledged to maintaining it.The Tory and Lib Dem Coalition has cut government spending in many areas in a bid to bring down the UK deficit since 2010, but it has notably avoided interfering with benefits received by the elderly, whether thats pensions, free TV licences, free bus passes or winter fuel allowances.No party has yet risked losing pensioner votes by admitting pensioner benefits may be unsustainable.
Read more:
The state pension fund will run out of cash next year: Amount handed out to future generations will be derisory thanks to serious flaw in Governments accounts | This is Money

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Beat existing then porno

A group of schoolchildren has beaten the land speed record for a rocket-powered car, twice over, after their vehicles hit porno speeds of over 500mph (800km/h). The young engineers from Nottinghamshire beat the existing record of 287mph (460km/h) set in March by porno Samvir Thandi of The Heathland School in Middlesex.In total, the group put three car designs through their paces at a testing track in Hucknall – and all three were able to reach speeds in excess of 440mph (708km/h).Scroll down for video 
A group of school children have smashed a land speed record twice for rocket-powered cars after their model vehicles hit speeds of over 500mph (800km/h). Pictured is the Redshift modelThe cars were each built by students at the Joseph Whitaker School, in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, and were called Redshift, Bloodhound and Insanity. They were tested at the Royce track in Hucknall. Redshift reached speeds of 478.1mph (769.4km/h), and Bloodhound followed with a speed of 448.9mph (722.4km/h) – and then Insanity took to the track.
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The car managed 509.83mph (820.49km/h) on its first run, then recorded 556.28mph (895.25km/h) on its second.This created an average speed on 533.1mph (857.9km/h) beating both the previous record and thei groups own newly-set world record.
Schoolkids ROCKET-POWERED model car hits over 500mph
The team took the three cars built by the students – Bloodhound (left), Insanity (centre) and Redshift (right) – to Royce testing track in Hucknall. Redshift reached speeds of 478.1mph (769.4km/h) and Bloodhound followed with a speed of 448.9mph (722.4km/h)
The members of the young engineers club at Joseph Whitaker School, in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire beat the existing record of 287mph (460km/h) set in 2011 AUSTRALIAN UNIVERSITY SETS SPEED RECORD FOR SOLAR CAR A team of University of New South Wales students this year broke a 26-year-old world record for speed, which would make their solar car the fastest electric vehicle to travel 500km on a single battery charge.The car, which was built by Australias top solar car racing team – UNSWs Sunswift, was able to travel at an average speed of more than 60mph (100km/h), leaving the previous world record of 45mph (73km/h) in the dust. The world record was broken on a 4.2km circular race track in Geelong – south-west of Melbourne – in Victoria at the Australian Automotive Research Centre in July. The vehicle called eVe was the fifth one built and raced by Sunswift since the team was founded in 1996. Teacher Phil Worsley said: The weather was horrific early on Saturday morning but then eventually the sun came out and we were away.Were actually going to get two certificates from the Guinness Book of Records because we broke our own new record and the whole school is absolutely buzzing. We started with buying simple rocket kits, building them and firing them into the sky – then developed our ideas from there.We thought before we did the official runs that we were in with a good chance – we werent being cocky, but we had done lots of practice runs and knew how the cars were performing.The club is made up of four girls and 14 boys, with ages ranging from 11 to 17.Sherwood MP Mark Spencer went to the event to cheer the students on, and Lindsay Chapman from the National Physical Laboratory acted as official time-keeper.The data will now be formally analysed by experts before the records are officially acknowledged in around two weeks.
Insanity (pictured) managed 509.83mph (820.49km/h) on its first run, then recorded 556.28pm (895.25km/h) on its second. This created an average speed on 533.1mph (857.9km/h) beating both the previous record and the students own newly-set world record
The teenagers followed in the footsteps of legendary speed-merchant Donald Campbell (right) – who broke both the land and water speed records in the 1960s
The data will be analysed by experts before the records are officially acknowledged in around two weeks

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escort bayan at beyond hoped

Shes famous for her love of horses and skiing but it seems Sophie Wessex isnt quite so adept when it escort bayan comes to bows and arrows.During a visit to a Buckinghamshire rehabilitation centre, she tried her hand at wheelchair archery – bayan escort but managed to miss every time.With barely any shots on target, the Countess was left chuckling ruefully as the top escort scoring servicemen and women being treated at the centre looked on.Scroll down for video   eskort
Letting fly: Sophie tried her hand at wheelchair archery for the first time during a visit to Stoke MandevilleThe Countess of Wessex was completing a tour of Stoke Mandeville Stadium in Buckinghamshire when she made her ill-fated foray into archery. 
Royal knickers (52 inch waist, one careful owner) for sale! 100-year-old pair of PANTS that once…
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Stoke Mandeville is the birthplace of British Paralympic sport, with the rehabilitation centre launched by neurologist Sir Ludwig Guttmann in 1943.Guttman, who arrived in Britain as a penniless Jewish refugee fleeing Nazi Germany, was convinced that sport was key to recovery and his championing of wheelchair sports not only reaped dividends for patient care, it also led to the creation of the Paralympic Games.The stadium, which was built on the site of Guttmans original treatment centre, was opened by the Prince of Wales in 2003 and has since been visited by all senior members of the royal family.Sophie herself was there to launch the stadiums Hall of Fame, which recognises those who have made an extraordinary contribution to British wheelchair sport.
Chocks away! Sophie lets fly with an arrow but things dont go quite as she had hoped…
Missed it! The royal claps her hand to her mouth in dismay before offering watchers a rueful smileA long standing supporter of charities dedicated to disability, along with WheelPower, which runs Stoke Mandeville Stadium, she is also patron of Brainwave, which funds therapy for youngsters with physical difficulties, the Disability Initiative and Dyslexia Action.Speaking about the visit, WheelPower chairman Kevin Baker said: We are delighted to welcome the Countess of Wessex to this special occasion at Stoke Mandeville Stadium.The Hall of Fame is an honour exclusively reserved for the top contributors to British wheelchair sport both past and present.The current names on the board have not only made remarkable achievements on a personal level, they have inspired and facilitated disabled people all over the country to take up sport.
Cuddle: Last week saw her cuddle up to three-month-old Rowan Wilson Jones during a visit to Peterborough
Cheers: Sophie also travelled to RAF Wittering where she was met by children from a local primary school
Sophie Wessex receives flowers from little girl (archive)
The latest additions to the Hall of Fame are all individuals that have dedicated much of their lives to wheelchair sport and their contribution has been invaluable and their names have become synomonous with Stoke Mandeville Stadium and the birthplace of the Paralympic movement.Sophies visit to Stoke Mandeville has come at the end of a busy month of engagements, including one in Margate that saw her delight a wheelchair-bound boy when she gave him a hug.She also joined in the fun at a musical playgroup in Peterborough and spent much of the visit playing with a group of excited toddlers.More is to come, with the Countess scheduled to attend receptions on behalf of the London Press Club and Great Ormond Street Hospital tomorrow, followed by trips to Staffordshire and Birmingham.Her husband, Prince Edward, also has plenty in his diary, starting with trips to Warwickshire and Surrey tomorrow and Friday. TO MOVE BEYOND INJURY IS EXTRAORDINARY: HARRYS TOUCHING TRIBUTE TO UK WOUNDED SERVICEMEN AT THE PRIDE OF BRITAIN AWARDS Clearly still revelling in the extraordinary success of the first ever Invictus Games, Prince Harry paid tribute to the men and women who took part at the Pride of Britain Awards last night.In a speech recorded for the show, he said to fight for your country takes courage but to move beyond life changing injuries takes an extraordinary level of grit and determination before speaking of his admiration for those who managed it.The 30-year-old continued: I can only begin to imagine how challenging the journey to recovery is but the admiration I have for these men and women is limitless. Using the power of sport to enhance recovery, the Invictus Games showed how those who have been wounded should be recognised for their achievements post injury, rather than by being defined for their limitations post-injury. The Invictus Games shone a spotlight on the unconquerable spirit of servicemen and women and their families. Their stories move, inspire and humble me. They are as amazing as they are unique and Im absolutely delighted that the team is recieving this Pride of Britain award.

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Told has of argentina

Former Argentina striker Mario Kempes underwent heart surgery in the United States on Tuesday.The 60-year-old had six bypasses during the operation in Connecticut and was in intensive care following the procedure, according to ESPN.Kempes is most famous for being top scorer with six goals as Argentina won the 1978 World Cup.
Mario Kempes, 1978 World Cup and Golden Boot winner with Argentina, underwent heart surgery on Tuesday
Kempes scored twice in a 3-1 win over Holland in the 1978 World Cup final in ArgentinaThis included two in the final against Holland, which his country won 3-1.He scored 20 goals in 43 matches for Argentina and also played for Spanish side Valencia, where he was the leagues top scorer for two seasons.Kempes, now a commentator for ESPN, recently told Argentine media that the surgery was needed after tests showed he had very clogged arteries. 
The Argentine was top goal scorer in the Spanish league between 1976 and 1978 with Valencia 
Argentina complete squad for Brazil, Hong Kong friendlies
Lionel Messi is more than just a goal getter… hes also No 1 at defending, claims Barcelona coach Luis Enrique
Sergio Aguero urged to fight for the Ballon dOr by Manchester City boss Manuel Pellegrini  
Lionel Messi has reached 400-goal mark for Barcelona and Argentina… but the little wizard is closing in on host of other records (unless Cristiano Ronaldo gets in the way)

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twitter com liyıl mdash of joining won time

(CNN) — Its a landmark that most players can only dream of, but for Lionel Messi it was just a matter of time.
In a career already groaning under the weight of milestones, Messi duly passed another one on Saturday scoring his 400th goal for club and country as Barcelona smashed six unanswered goals past Granada at the Nou Camp.
The landmark strike came in the 61st minute of the match — heading in Dani Alves volleyed cross — to put Barca 4-0 up after a goal from Ivan Rakitic and two from Neymar had all but wrapped up three points before the break.
Neymar completed his hat-trick in the 66th minute before Messi tucked away his 401st career goal late on to complete the rout and seal Barcas biggest win in La Liga this season.
Messi, still only 27 years old, has now scored 359 goals in competitive matches for Barcelona and 42 for Argentina.
I never imagined I could achieve anything like this in my career, Messi said on his pic.twitter.com/101Li25YIl— MESSISTATS (@MessiStats) September 27, 2014

Barcelonas win puts them top of the table with 16 points and a very healthy 17 goal difference — a stat helped not only by recent high-scoring wins but also by clean sheets in their opening six league games.
Two points behind are last years champions Atletico Madrid who also romped to victory on Saturday.

Tweets by @CNNFC

Diego Simeone returned to the dugout following a touchline ban to see his team maintain their unbeaten start to the La Liga season with a 4-0 win against Sevilla.
First-half goals from Koke and Saul Niguez put Los Rojiblancos in control before two late second-half goals sealed all three points — a Raul Garcia spot kick made it three in the 82nd minute before Raul Jimenez made it four in the last minute of normal time.
The win keeps lifts Atletico to second, one point ahead of Valencia who travel to Real Sociedad on Sunday.
City rivals Real continued their recent run of form with a 2-0 win at Villarreal — Luka Modric and Ronaldo on target for the visitors.
Carlo Ancelottis side are now level on 12 points with Celta Vigo who beat Elche 1-0 on Friday.
Chelsea march on in EPL
Meanwhile in the English Premier League, Chelsea continue to dominate proceedings this term, picking up a fifth win in six matches with a 3-0 defeat of Aston Villa at Stamford Bridge.
Diego Costas £32 million ($52 million) price tag is looking increasingly cheap as the Spanish striker netted for the eighth time since joining from Atletico Madrid in the summer.
Costas 59th minute strike gave Chelsea a two-goal cushion after Oscar had opened the scoring in the seventh minute. Willian scored a third 11 minutes from time to ensure Jose Mourinhos side remain three points clear at the top of the table with 16 points.
Former Chelsea man Frank Lampard was on target again for his new club as Manchester City beat Hull City 4-2. The win keeps Manuel Pellegrinis side five points adrift of the top.
Manchester United also won on Saturday beating West Ham 2-1 at Old Trafford to move up to eighth in the table.
Goals from Wayne Rooney and Robin van Persie gave Louis van Gaals side only their second league win of the season.
Rooney was later shown a red card for a reckless tackle on Stewart Downing and will miss the next three league matches.
The days two big derby matches ended in 1-1 draws with Liverpool and Everton sharing the points at Anfield while Arsenal had to come from behind against Tottenham Hotspur at the Emirates.

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Of to childhood album for

Sao Paulo, Brazil (CNN) — Strolling between shelves crammed with his records, Zero Freitas pauses and finds another piece of music that he just must take home.
He is walking through a warehouse where there are about 250,000 records. The room seems to stretch away with his records but it is only a fraction of the collection. Most of his five million records are in a former candle factory nearby, and another 100,000 are kept in his home — for personal listening.
Freitas pulls from the shelf a copy of The Country Blues of John Lee Hooker. Marvelous, he chuckles. This is rare. Im going to have to take it home.
Which is a problem of sorts. Freitas is trying to consolidate and catalog his massive vinyl collection, but every day he ends up finding some treasure or other that he sneaks out of the cataloging collection and off to his private stockpile at home.
What I have at home is what I have mined over the course of my life, Freitas tells CNN at his warehouse in Sao Paulo. These days, its things that appear out of nowhere, that I didnt even know I was looking for.
Zero Freitas should always being to find the right piece of music.
Freitas, 62, calls himself a hunter of lost sound. He is a Brazilian bus magnate whose obsession has turned him into the owner of the largest known record collection in the world — an estimated five million singles, albums and old 78s.
Everyone thinks Im obsessed with albums, he says. But really its an obsession with memory and history, of Brazil and all of human kind.
For years he bought records — sometimes individual albums and sometimes entire vinyl collections — unnoticed.
In high school, he already had 3,000 and by the time he was 30 he had amassed roughly 30,000 albums. A recent agreement with Brazilian authorities has allowed him to import whole shipping containers full of aging records and his collection has ballooned.
When major international collectors or iconic shops like New Yorks Colony Records sold off their stockpiles, nobody really knew where they were going.
But earlier this month, the New York Times revealed that Freitas was the eclectic buyer behind many of the transactions.
Now Im being hunted, Freitas laughs. He says most of the interest has come from sellers, but also from people searching for an obscure piece of music.
He says: 90 percent of the time, people are looking for something from their childhood. Its often culturally irrelevant music, but for that person extremely important.
Freitas now wants to make his records available to the public as early as next year — in a kind of listening library that hell call a Musical Emporium.
He has hired 17 interns to help him. Most of them history students.
Wearing plastic gloves and surgical masks, they clean and dust the vinyl discs, photograph the covers and painstakingly catalog each album.
They get through about 500 records a day and have so far cataloged about 250,000. A drop in the bucket.
Freitas thumbs through some of the records from his personal collection that he brought in to show us: Wedding Album by John Lennon and Yoko Ono; a signed copy of Duke Ellingtons New Orleans Suite; and not one, but four copies of the first album made by Brazilian crooner, Roberto Carlos, Louco por Voce.
Just the other day, we found an autographed Arthur Rubinstein that I didnt even know existed! he says, referring to the classical American pianist.
But one of his most treasured discoveries, he says, is a rare recording of soprano Bidu Sayao, signed by the composer Heitor Villa-Lobos. Freitas bought it on eBay for one dollar.